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December 17, 2008


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Awake != Smarter.

It shits me that they keep calling this stuff, modanifil included, Cognitive Enhancers.

Mostly because I would love some real IQ boosting pills.

But yeah, the whole thing stinks of big-pharma trying to push more product. Fuckers. My future is not over-medicated.

David Forbes

Good point. Smarter isn't necessarily the goal here, functional (in society's terms) is and for that, awake is good enough.

I included IQ enhancers because no doubt at some point a bright chemist will figure out a pill that can stroke that abstract-thought brain chunk that constitutes IQ (or close enough). The same dilemma will probably apply as did with psych meds: undoubtedly useful, but prone to becoming a substitute for deeper, longer-lasting methods.

My future is not over-medicated.
Mine either. The scary part of a Somatopia would be that it constitutes an attempt to make everyone's future drugged into meaninglessness.

Bob the Chef

Personally, I welcome the drugs. Why? Not because they increase intelligence. Hah! That they certainly don't. No, they tend to narrow the mind and turn people into little robots that conveniently serve the Machine, this nihilistic civilization we cling to as if it were some suitable for the absolute. How sad these wretches slaves are. But as CEO of a large enough corporation with ties to both academia and government, I see profit and power in their slavery. They waste away their lives shaving logs into pencils, occupied doing meaningless work, *not* interfering in the mechanics above -- heck, and all we had to do was create the myth of "arbeit mach frei" as if work is virtuous. Work is for those too lazy to think, or rather, those too lazy to sense and to be critical of all ideas down to their very own in every situation. And that's how we get you. You accept the idea, the symbol. And best of all, I can be completely honest with you about what's being done, and absolutely nothing will change. Oh, mayyybee, and that's a real maybe, someone will believe what's I've written. But even if one person turns away from the hopeless culture, and even if they truly achieve freedom of thought -- which you know, is what many think they achieve but merely substitute one collection of unfounded, unnecessary ideas with another -- it will have zero impact on the general whole. The seductive power of approval to the weak minds populating this planet, all the way up "the ladder" cripples reason to such an extent that fear will always keep them in place. And it's a fear no one has to actively instill. It's enough that we drill beliefs into children from a young age, through media, through everyone in their environment in all it's guises that a status quo of order is maintained. Academia does a fine job for us, you know, those slovenly idealists. Trapped in their mental rubbish, the either come off as supportive of the status quo, or crazy, but either way, you can't "climb" the ladder "legitimately" without drinking the koolaid to one degree or another.

Anyway, enough of my little power rant. Not much of a rant. I really do get off posting crap like this, precisely because it proves time and again that you don't need to be actively secretive to have power. or brawn for that matter. It comes readily, people will give it to you on a silver platter, kiss your ass, and sit like obedient puppies, give you their first born sons and their wives in exchange for a pat on the head and a few kind words.

So to all of you I say, take the drugs and work your asses off. And above all, believe in the system, believe that it's more than an idea, but a godlike reality.

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