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January 02, 2009


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Kevin McFoy Dunn

Dude, I love this guy; my dad the WWII Navy vet -- he nearly snuffed it at the Battle of Savo Island, which fact gave me rather the major frisson when Ballard sent the robot down to the bottom of "Ironbottom Sound" to show what was left of the light destroyer that could easily have proved the grave of my futurity -- owned a Pocket Book anthology of SVB's works that found its way into my brain when I was about 9, and for all that the oeuvre in question evinces an earnestly learned cheesiness by modern critical standards, it had a vast influence on me and how I relate to things literary. It's no wonder that "By the Waters of Babylon" was (is it still?)so often featured in high school lit textbooks.

So do both me and the poet a favor and copy-edit your transcription, please -- I counted two misspellings without even trying hard.

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