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June 15, 2009


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I think my favourite part about all this is that not only are the Green Revolutionaries using Twitter, YouTube etc to communicate, but that the "outside world" are thus watching in real-time and doing everything they can to help.

The power of a re-tweet of IP addresses etc, even if you're not being followed by someone in Iran. It shows total solidarity with the cause of true freedom.

Also, it's further proof that Twitter etc are where we go for real-time news now (esp. giving what I'm hearing about CNNs coverage of this).

David Forbes

It has helped with providing contact, word and major support outside the country. An example of how these mediums, if harnessed well, are particularly useful for fighting crackdowns.

Twitter has really come into its own for raw news info. I've got a split opinion of the "mainstream" media. Cable news and some of the main channels have utterly failed, while the BBC, NPR and parts of PBS have reminded the world of why professionalism still counts.


Agreed.. I woke up early enough today to catch an excellent roundup on the local world news show.

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