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September 01, 2009


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Martin V.

I have to agree with you David. Frankly, the government works all too well for those with capital and access to the ears of power. It's in Tim's own words...

"What I learned when I went to Washington," O'Reilly told me by phone as he drove down a California highway earlier this month, "was how much the dialogue is determined by the companies that go there."

I foresee that Tim's ideas will be well received in D.C., perhaps implemented. But it's extremely problematic to attempt to reshape government for the purposes of private wealth accumulation. It's not a fact to be dealt with that the government is 40% of the GDP, it's part of the problem. Also, David, I think that it's part of the problem that the government legitimizes the use of violence. Our country, does indeed have two sides, headed in opposite directions. One has the power and money, the other has the numbers. I fail to see how government as platform accounts for the glaring class division and destruction of a middle class. Fascism is defined by Mussolini as the merger of state and corporate power. How does government 2.0 not enable that already ascendent tendency in the divided land of the U.S. of A.? People use the tools of power for reasons and they are often not altruistic, as Tim's intentions may not foresee the consequences.
And frankly, as an environmentalist, if gov2.0 does work, it's like window dressing the Titanic. We are burying our world in toxic garbage. Increasing capitalistic entrepreneurship would certainly create more consumption.
Check out a great short about the need to stop producing so much, maybe government can help with this?

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