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November 02, 2010


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I just wish, today as in most elections, that we had a reasonably impactful "No Confidence" vote, in our system.


a "no confidence" vote will achieve what? a slap on the wrist? a smirk from a newsreader? another election? grow some balls and vote for the least worst outcome. look at it this way, not voting is an endorsement of communism.


No, a "No Confidence" vote with real meaning means we FIND PEOPLE IN WHOM WE HAVE CONFIDENCE.


Obama is a corporate capitalist. A vote for the Dems, or Republicans, is a vote for state corporatism. There are well meaning politicians, but tinkering around the edges of our flailing imperial system will do nothing. Power concedes nothing without demand. Voting rights, while important,are no substitute for popular movements. Vote your conscience, this lesser of two evils b.s. isn't getting us anywhere.

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