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January 21, 2009


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I found your article very informative and objective, despite the fact that you probably knew him or knew of him prior to his arrest.
I also read the ACT article but found yours more thorough, especially the way you showed the timeline of events.

I particularly enjoyed reading the statements of those who knew him, as they echoed my own emotions. I only met him once and, because I sensed nothing sinister in his behaviors, found the very foundation in which I've stood so safely on all of these years shaken to the core. I'm sure that others who knew him more intimately are having similar, if not stronger, emotions.

While we shouldn't let this destroy our trust in those around us, perhaps we should be a little more careful. Life is full of people like Kyle...people fighting some horrible demons and eventually relenting and letting those demons take them where they will.

Thank you for giving us an intelligent and informative article on this story.


Excellent job.

It's about time the truth is known about Lewis Kyle Wilson.

I'm still amazed some of his "friends" continue to believe him innocent despite years of reports of his instability and violence. What that says about sections of our community is almost as frightening as Kyle's crimes.



A friend of mine made a good point in that the whole Bohemian mindset of some in the community may be why so many turned their heads to Kyle's odd behaviors.

We tend to accept or rationalize odd behaviors as mere eccentricities, when in fact they often point to psychoses.

Perhaps this is a wake-up call for this community.


Perhaps it is a wake up call as it should be but the continual denial by some people that knew him is appalling.

I'm not suggesting anyone live in paranoia or continual fear but if someone tells you they are being hurt- listen AND take action. There is way too much "two sides to every story" & "I don't want to get involved/ take a stand b/c someone will be mad at me or won't like me anymore" in our community. Fear & anger are not always the demons they are made out to be. They can keep us safe.


How can we find more info on when he's going to trial, if he ever gets out on bond, etc. and any latest news on him. I'd like to know if he ever gets out and is roaming our streets again.

W Taylor

I know Kyle and honestly believe that there is more to the story than we could understand. I believe him to be a good hearted man and I don't believe he is guilty of the charges that were brought against him.

sue smith

He is living in Chapel Hill/Carborro NC area and has a girlfriend... word is getting out and he seems like a scary guy........

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