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April 21, 2010


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Elisabeth Robson

The Green Revolution is a bad example to use. It has caused innumerable problems including environmental impacts of massive pesticide use and mono-crops which contribute to malnutrition and "western diseases" such as obesity.

Just because it's easy to replicate doesn't mean it's good for people or the planet (and one could argue the same thing about the AK-47 which is designed to kill people).

Yes there are more important things than a jet pack, but we should really consider whether those things actually contribute to the quality of life on this planet in the long term. We can no longer afford to think short term about what we create.

Joe McCarthy

Great analysis and examples!

I recently heard or read that one of the factors in the widespread production and use of the AK-47 was lack of intellectual property protection. I don't know if that is true, but having recently watched Food, Inc., a second time last night, which presented some of the barriers introduced by Monsanto through their GMO soybeans, investigators and lawyers, I'm thinking that IP can act as an effective anti-viral agent against durable infections.


The green revolution probably saved a billion lives in the developing world.

Try being hungry for a week (or having your children waste away from hunger) -and see whether you would be willing to trade that for "western diseases."

You can think long term all you want on your full stomach -the rest of us who starve must make it to the next morning.

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