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May 12, 2010


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Ah, once again you seem to be thinking along some of the lines I'm thinking along and maybe there's even a tie-in with the blog I might blog tomorrow if I can get it together, which is on the ways we live lies. The thing I'm struggling with on this post, and maybe it's just that you're a tad younger, is that there's this idea that things CAN be changed. For me unhappiness seems more entrenched because I'm not sure there's much that can be done, in the end. I too rebel against the notion that we can take responsibility for the things that beyond our control and just change our mindset instead. But I also don't think we can change those things that are beyond our control... So then what? Stew in our unhappiness? Well, yeah, probably. At least it's honest. Change jobs, I guess. But that's where *I* get mad, because all those little anecdotes about how well, I realized I was unhappy so I started my own business, or I became a sculptor, or I got a sex-change operation... well, in 90% of real lives, that's not going to work. Most people ARE stuck. They DO have to pay those college bills or hospital bills or whatever. Unhappiness isn't a spur, it's one of those constant shocker things to a rat stuck in a cage.

Oh, shut me up. I'll save it for my blog tomorrow. :)


I used tineye.com to track down other places on the web that graphic appeared:


Here's the source:


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