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November 26, 2010


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The real life supes have been around in numbers, for a long time - this isn't new. When the 1st viral Kick Ass stuff came out in 04, IIRC there were around 100 "registered" supes already (ones with press and pictures on a registry). I met my 1st one in 05.

And yeah, the ones in that article are dipshits. And I have strong questions about the whole premise and lack of thought a lot of them display. It IS a slippery slope towards other directions. Going back as recently as MS-13, which started in part as A CLUB FOR HEAVYY METAL FANS, these things can go pear-shaped quickly.


The thing that raises a minor alarm for me is Thunder 88--88 is a code number used by Neonazis, and while they have no copyright on the number, I do kinda wonder.

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